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Skyscraper Ladder


When you’re up against extreme heights and accessibility issues, the Little Giant Skyscraper (15, 17 or 21) will be your best friend. The Skyscraper replaces the need for expensive lifts and time consuming scaffolding. With specialised, industrial settings this ladder can reach the highest points of auditoriums, sports centres, churches and specialised industrial settings and most importantly, keep you safe while doing so. Working around obstacles has never been easier and gains access to areas that motorised lifts and scaffolding simply can not.

The Little Giant Skyscraper can take on virtually industrial job. It’s heavy-wall, aerospace grade aluminium makes the ladder super strong and is rated to hold up to 150kgs. This model is fully adjustable reaching heights up to 6.44 metres, and compacts down to nearly half that size for easy storage.

  • Take this ladder where no other A-frame can go, including tall staircases, stadium seating, theatres, and other sloping or uneven surfaces.
  • Replace much more expensive power lifts, scaffolding systems with a ladder that is much easier to use, store, and maintain.
  • The Skyscraper exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards and is rated to hold up to 150kgs.

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  Model 15 Model 17 Model 21    
Model Number 10109 10110 10121    
Weight Capacity 150kgs 150kgs 150kgs    
A-Frame Min. Height 2.44m 2.74m 3.35m    
A-Frame Max. Height


5.18m 6.40m    
Storage Height 2.62m 2.92m 3.53m    
Storage Width at Base 0.94m 0.94m 1.09m    
Storage Depth 0.20m 0.20m 0.20m    
Rung Size Single Section Inner 3.18cm Outer 2.54cm Inner 3.18cm Outer 2.54cm Inner 3.18cm Outer 2.54cm    
Palm Button & Hinge System SkyScraper Bi-Lock SkyScraper Bi-Lock SkyScraper Bi-Lock    
Spreader System Hinge Lock Hinge Lock Hinge Lock    
Extension Lock System Extra Heavy Duty Lock Tab Extra Heavy Duty Lock Tab Extra Heavy Duty Lock Tab    
Material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium    
Feet Flexible PVC Flexible PVC Flexible PVC    
Tip & Glide Wheels No No No    
Scaffolding No No No    
90 Degree Ladder No No No    
Ladder Weight 30kgs 36kgs 47kgs    
Shipping Weight 39kgs 44kgs 57kgs    
Country of Origin Assembled in the USA Assembled in the USA Assembled in the USA    
Warranty 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year    



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